Simplify Farm Food Safety Management is your online food safety management platform, providing an organized
approach to tackling food safety regulations with the resources needed to save you time.

Conduct Assessments

Prepare for an inspection by conducting assessments that review each aspect of your farming operation related to food safety. Use the helpful information associated with questions to guide your food safety practices.

Store Files

Store all of your food safety documentation in a secure online file repository. You can upload files and
export them when it’s time for an inspection.

Review Reports

Once an inspection is completed, a PDF report of the findings is automatically created and saved in the file repository. You can view the report online or print it out.

Download Resources

Reference helpful resources and download templates to guide your food safety documentation. Resources include:

  • Sample hand washing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Wildlife and Domestic Animal Monitoring Log
  • Mock Recall Exercise
  • Water Testing Log

Track Corrective Actions

Create ‘incidents’ when food safety concerns are uncovered on your farm. Manage color-coded incidents in a dashboard view and provide corrective actions taken once the incident is resolved.

Custom Calendar

Manage your food safety activities with a custom calendar. Add single or reoccurring events with email reminders to ensure you stay on top of your daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks.

Interpreted Assessments Include...

  • FSMA Produce Rule
  • USDA Harmonized Gap
  • OSHA for Agriculture
  • Food Safety Plans
  • Organic Production & Handling
  • Organic Labeling
  • Mushroom GAP
  • California GAP
  • Arizona LGMA
  • Maryland GAP

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  • Conduct mock inspections
  • Receive alerts & notifications
  • Store documents in one place
  • Fill out logs on your mobile device
  • Create a custom farm food safety plan
  • Schedule food safety activities
  • Search & organize documents
  • iOS & Android mobile apps
  • Receive upgrades & platform improvements automatically