Administrative Portal Home

The home page is where you will find a general overview of your admin portal. There is a menu with 6 separate tabs including: Schedule Assessment, Add a Facility, Add a User, View Work Queue, Create a Document, and Generate a Report. There is also a tab below that with a list of your current alerts.


  1. 1. The Welcome box contains your user name. To view your complete user details, click your name.
  2. 2. The Home button will take you to the Home Page
  3. 3. The Support button will take you to the Support Page where you can submit a Help Desk ticket.
  4. 4. The logout button logs you out of the system.
  5. 5. The hamburger menu button expands or contracts your menu to the left. A contracted menu allows for more work space and an expanded view of the screen.
  6. 6. The menu pinned on the left of the screen includes: Home (a), Assessments (b), Assessors (c), Facilities (d), Users (e), Assessment Queue (f), Self-Assessment Queue (g), Alert Log (h), Documents (i), Reports (j), Workflows (k), CMS Export (l), Expense Queue (m), and Evaluations Queue (n).

Schedule Assessment

  1. 1. This is where you will schedule assessments for each of your locations. There is a map here to use for your convenience.

Add a Facility

  1. 2. The Add a Facility button will take you to the Create New Facility page where you will enter in: The facility name, attention line, address, city, state, phone number, zip code, country and fax number.

Add a User

  1. 3. When adding a user, you will be asked to enter their: first name, last name, username (email address), password, and location. It will then ask you to assign roles to this user.

View Work Queue

  1. 4. The View Work Queue button will take you to a page with all alerts listed for all facilities.

Create a Document

  1. 5. When clicking the create a document button it takes you the Create Document from Template section and asks you to fill out: the facility ID, Document Template, Description, Document Listing Types, and Direction. You will then have the ability to check the small box that will either allow this document to be viewable or not.
  2. You can then choose to preview the document, create document and save, or return to the dashboard.

Generate a Report

  1. 6. When clicking the generate a report button this will take you to a list with all of the pre-defined report options. Then you can click VIEW to see details regarding each report.

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